Ring & Nut Injection Mold
Ring & Nut Injection Mold

● Ring & Nut Injection Mold Cavity:

4 & 8 & 16 Cavities.


● Ring & Nut Injection Mold Main Material:

1.2344 HRC50˚±1˚.


● Ring & Nut Injection Mold Injection System:

Cold Runner System.

Hot Runner System (Taiwan Brand).


● Ring & Nut Injection Mold Ejection System:

Ejector Pin & Hydraulic Motor & Stripper Plate.


● Ring & Nut Injection Mold Cycle Time:

20 ~ 35 Seconds.


● Ring & Nut Injection Mold Running:

1 year Guarantee; Shots guarantee 1 million under the normal operation and period maintenance.


● Ring & Nut Injection Mold Delivery Time:

80 ~ 100 working days to T1 sample delivery.


● Ring & Nut Injection Mold Features:

EDM Texture & Polish.

Ring & Nut Injection Mold Specification


Product Name

Ring & Nut Injection Mold

Plastic Material


PC, PS, PMMA for Transparent.

Steel of Cavity & Core

Depends on Product, we help customer to choose the suitable material.

Commonly used material as below:

Buderus: 1.2311, 1.2738, 1.2344, 1.2316, BPM-HH, SUS-420…etc.

Finkl: P20, HiP-20, H13…etc.

Hitach: NAK80, DAC, FDAC, SKD61…etc.

Assab: 618, 718, STAVAX…etc.

Steel of Mold Base

Depends on Product, we help customer to choose the suitable material.

Commonly used material is S50C.

No. of Cavity


Hardness of Cavity & Core

Pre-Hardness Steel: HRC 30 ~ 32 ± 1°

Heat Treatment Steel: HRC 50~52± 1°

Core pulling or Ejection system

Depends on the Product.

Commonly used : Motor, oil cylinder, stripping plate, angel pin, ejector pin…etc

Mould Accessories

Compatible to DME/HASCO Standard.

Cooling System

In Core: Baffle or By pass cooling

In Cavity Plate: Chain drilling type cooling

Surface Finish

Depends on the product.

Commonly used: Texture Hatching, EDM Hatching, Polishing, Diamond Polishing…etc.

Mold Life

Depends on the steel hardness and the plastic material.

Commonly used:

1.   300,000 ~ 500,000 shots or 1 year under normal use procedure for Pre-Hardness material.

2.   1,000,000 shots or 1 year under normal use procedure for Heat Treatment material.


1.   Cold Runner.

2.   Hot Runner.

Delivery time

Depends on the product size and complication.

For First trial: 45 ~ 80 days after mold drawings approved.


Standard Wooden Case

Machine Center

CNC milling machine, CNC Lathing machine, EDM, NC milling & lathing machine and so on.

R & D

We offer customers the drawings for products and mold design.

Also we provide extra service such as: Reversing Engineering Drawing, Optical Design, Photometric Design… etc. We can work with 2D/3D drawings or with provided samples.


We can also provide Pilot Run production and molding production.



Ring & Nut Injection Mold Order Process

  We accept product drawings or sample for quote evaluations. We think like a buyer, design like an operator. From inquiry to order confirm, we have already planed the most suitable solution.


Ring & Nut Injection Mold Shipping Process

  During shipping, package often was not carefully carried by the courier. SSB ship your product like a receiver. We have observed cost to provide a strong packing and make sure the delivery will be safe to your door.


 SSB is Ring & Nut Injection Mold maker. We are professional Ring & Nut Injection Mold manufacturer in Taiwan. Supply custom Precision Ring & Nut Injection Mold. Welcome to contact us for Ring & Nut Injection Mold.

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