Pipe Fitting Injection mold
Pipe Fitting Injection mold

● Pipe Fitting Injection mold Cavity:

4 & 8 & 16 Cavities.


● Pipe Fitting Injection mold Main Material:

1.2344 HRC50˚±1˚.


● Pipe Fitting Injection mold Injection System:

Cold Runner System.

Hot Runner System (Taiwan Brand).


● Pipe Fitting Injection mold Ejection System:

Ejector Pin & Hydraulic Motor & Stripper Plate.


● Pipe Fitting Injection mold Cycle Time:

20 ~ 35 Seconds.


● Pipe Fitting Injection mold Running:

1 year Guarantee; Shots guarantee 1 million under the normal operation and period maintenance.


● Pipe Fitting Injection mold Delivery Time:

80 ~ 100 working days to T1 sample delivery.


● Pipe Fitting Injection mold Features:

EDM Texture & Polish.


Pipe Fitting Injection Mold Specification


Product Name

Pipe Fitting Injection mold

Plastic Material


PC, PS, PMMA for Transparent.

Steel of Cavity & Core

Depends on Product, we help customer to choose the suitable material.

Commonly used material as below:

Buderus: 1.2311, 1.2738, 1.2344, 1.2316, BPM-HH, SUS-420…etc.

Finkl: P20, HiP-20, H13…etc.

Hitach: NAK80, DAC, FDAC, SKD61…etc.

Assab: 618, 718, STAVAX…etc.

Steel of Mold Base

Depends on Product, we help customer to choose the suitable material.

Commonly used material is S50C.

No. of Cavity


Hardness of Cavity & Core

Pre-Hardness Steel: HRC 30 ~ 32 ± 1°

Heat Treatment Steel: HRC 50~52± 1°

Core pulling or Ejection system

Depends on the Product.

Commonly used : Motor, oil cylinder, stripping plate, angel pin, ejector pin…etc

Mould Accessories

Compatible to DME/HASCO Standard.

Cooling System

In Core: Baffle or By pass cooling

In Cavity Plate: Chain drilling type cooling

Surface Finish

Depends on the product.

Commonly used: Texture Hatching, EDM Hatching, Polishing, Diamond Polishing…etc.

Mold Life

Depends on the steel hardness and the plastic material.

Commonly used:

1.   300,000 ~ 500,000 shots or 1 year under normal use procedure for Pre-Hardness material.

2.   1,000,000 shots or 1 year under normal use procedure for Heat Treatment material.


1.   Cold Runner.

2.   Hot Runner.

Delivery time

Depends on the product size and complication.

For First trial: 45 ~ 80 days after mold drawings approved.


Standard Wooden Case

Machine Center

CNC milling machine, CNC Lathing machine, EDM, NC milling & lathing machine and so on.

R & D

We offer customers the drawings for products and mold design.

Also we provide extra service such as: Reversing Engineering Drawing, Optical Design, Photometric Design… etc. We can work with 2D/3D drawings or with provided samples.


We can also provide Pilot Run production and molding production.





Pipe Fitting Injection Mold development

  From Raw material to finished mold, we have gone through each process with carefully fabrication and detailed design.

Pipe Fitting Injection Mold Order Process

  We accept product drawings or sample for quote evaluations. We think like a buyer, design like an operator. From inquiry to order confirm, we have already planed the most suitable solution.


Pipe Fitting Injection Mold Shipping Process

  During shipping, package often was not carefully carried by the courier. SSB ship your product like a receiver. We have observed cost to provide a strong packing and make sure the delivery will be safe to your door.



 SSB is Pipe Fitting Injection mold maker. We are professional Pipe Fitting Injection mold manufacturer in Taiwan. Supply custom Precision Pipe Fitting Injection mold. Welcome to contact us for Pipe Fitting Injection mold.

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