ESG Machinery & Equipment
ESG Machinery & Equipment

SSB has been developing new application for upgrading a better production brining new machineries to create eco friendly production and to save resources, energy and our environment.

To help our customer adapt into ESG standard and to help them save energy and create a green way of manufacturing. Green Supply chain is our goal and dedication.

A green supply chain, also known as sustainable supply chain or eco-friendly supply chain, refers to the process of designing, producing, sourcing, delivering, and disposing of products in a manner that minimizes environmental impact. The goal of a green supply chain is to integrate environmentally responsible practices into every stage of the supply chain lifecycle, from raw material extraction to end-of-life disposal or recycling. 

SSB is developing new application of machinery that help to upgrade the production for better environment. Industries like surface treatment process such as Metalizing, Painting, Heat transforming...etc can be applying our plasma cleaning machine. Our Plasma cleaning machine had been using in Automotive industry and secondary process production.

SSB is ESG Machinery & Equipment maker. We are professional ESG Machinery & Equipment manufacturer in Taiwan. Supply custom Precision ESG Machinery & Equipment. Welcome to contact us for ESG Machinery & Equipment.  

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