Automotive Plastic Injection Mold
Automotive Plastic Injection Mold

SSB has good customer reference with tear 1 and tear 2 suppliers for well known car manufacturers in various of countries.

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold in the world:
● India: Minda, Lumax, Varroc, Hero, Honda, Sandhar, Maruti Suzuki, Mahidra, Bajaj, Tata…etc.
● Russia: LADA, GAZ…etc.
● Pakistan: Suziki, Honda, Electropolymer…etc.
● Japan: Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Mitsubishi, Nissan…etc.
● Europe and USA: Land Rover, Ford, GM.

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold Development Criteria:

To develop automotive plastic injection mold, a few of the criteria needs to be addressed before mold development evaluation.

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold Differentiation:

Automotive plastic injection mold needs to be identified for OEM market or for AM after service market and even to restyle design market. Automotive plastic injection mold development can be defined into 3 different categories. The development strategy and cost efficient calculation are also different.

Automotive Plastic Injection Mold in various part:

In Automotive plastic injection mold, we can also differentiate by the auto parts.

● Automotive plastic injection mold in lighting require good design in optics and the pattern. The polish work of automotive plastic injection mold in lighting requires mirror polish to get a glossy finished lens part.

● Automotive plastic injection mold in Interior parts require good finished surface especially for parts needs to be electro chrome plating and precision in assembly mechanism.

● Automotive plastic injection mold in outer parts require good texture design especially for parts require etching and precision in assembly mechanism.

SSB can provide not only the automotive plastic injection mold development but also can provide Restyle design or light design. We have Korean and Taiwan design team collaboration to provide the design service.


Automotive Plastic Injection Mold: We have years of history working with manufactures and provided to well-known brands such as “ Hyndai”, “Maruti Suzuki”, “Toyota”, “Honda”, “LandRover”, “ Ford”, “Minda”, “Hero” and “Peugeot”. Automotive Plastic Injection MoldWelcome Contact Us Construction Automotive Plastic Injection Mold, Packaging Plastic Injection Molding.