Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold
Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold
Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold:

SSB has good customer reference with well known Irrigation system manufacturers in various of countries. 
● India: Jain Irrigation system; Netafim precision irrigation system, Finolex Piping, Prince Pipeing…etc.
● Israel: Netafim precision irrigation system.
● Middle East: Mais Irrigation system.
● USA: Jain Irrigation.

Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold Development Criteria:

To develop irrigation plastic injection mold, a few of the criteria needs to be addressed before mold development evaluation.

Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold Technical Points:

 There are many different types of irrigation products. For pipe fitting either in Elbow, Tee or other shapes, the edge of the locking mechanism has to be sharp, in order to resist the water pressure.

 Dimension precision of the irrigation system product is also very important to maintain in the Irrigation plastic injection mold developing.

Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold Development tip:
● Matching surface for emitter product is also very critical. A good mold design and manufacturing process shall decrease the parting line and flashes.
SSB can provide not only the irrigation system plastic injection mold development but also can provide molding and manufacturing experience.


Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold: We have years of experience developing Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold. Our customers are from India, Middle East, Israel, and Africa Based the most. We make all kinds from Pipe fitting injection mold, Emitter Fitting injection mold, Valve injection mold and Filter injection mold in all size. We can provide the best quality and design solution for our customer.

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