Automation System
Automation System
Automation System:
SSB can provide total solution for production line. From Mold development, Injection molding machine to Automation system, SSB is always concerning the smooth production and output as our ground to plan all. 

Our automation system suitable Industry: 
1. Medical automation system.
2. Food Packaging automation system.
3. Cosmetic Packaging automation system.
4. Other packaging application for Automation system.
5. Automotive Industry automation system.

Most of the automation machine systems are 100% customized. 
We required information such as:
1. Production Quantity per min, per hour, per day.
2. Product specification and dimension.
3. Product material.
4. Product assembly step.

SSB is Automation System maker. We are professional Automation System manufacturer in Taiwan. Supply custom Precision Automation System. Welcome to contact us for Automation System.  

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