Mold Development
Mold Development
Mold Development:
SSB provides customized mold development. We make:
1. Plastic Injection Mold
2. Die Casting Mold
3. Punching Mold

With above mold development, we specialized in several industry category:
1. Automotive Plastic Injection Mold
2. Irrigation Plastic Injection Mold
3. Packaging Plastic Injection Mold
4. Precision Plastic Injection Mold


Mold Development: 

Who will need SSB Mold Development Service?

1. Beginner of investor in Plastic Injection Molding

2. Purchasing Specialist who are too busy to study Technical details.

3. Original Product Design Company or Designer.

4. Customer who required smooth and productive production

5. Customer who required high standard towards to honesty and reliability.

Why will need SSB Mold Development Service?

1. Because during the mold development, mold maker can't help trouble shooting and the case can't be closed.

2. Because the mold which had developed can't be running with smooth production.

3. Because you don't know how to use the mold to make the production and no supplier could provide technical training.

4. Because you don't know the technical details while making mass production with mold. Through SSB, we could help you to find blind spot.

5. Because you need a supplier who could provide you a lot of technical resources and information not only related to mold, but also machine and molding.

What does SSB Mold Development Service provide?

1. SSB has 30 years of experience in plastic injection field. From mold, molding machine, injection molding to Secondary process and even with automation system.

2. SSB has various of experience in all kind of industry such as Automotive, Packaging, Irrigation and piping system, Construction, Engineering plastic, Precision component...etc.

3. SSB can provide product development checking, not only this service can support customer for double checking, but also it will help speed up the completion of mold development. 

4. SSB can provide the most suitable solution for customer according to their needs and current status. 

5. SSB can provide customer turnkey solution such as material searching, secondary process suggestion, automation design and parts injection molding.

How to send inquiry for SSB Mold Development Service?

1. Please provide 2D and 3D drawings.

2. Please provide actual product sample. 

3. Please provide information about production requirement. 

4. Please provide current injection molding machine tonnage and technical spec.

5. Please inform the plastic material of the product and parts. 


SSB is Mold Development maker. We are professional Mold Development manufacturer in Taiwan. Supply custom Precision Mold Development.

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