Energy Saving Plastic Injection molding machine for SFU-110:
1. 110 tons of clamping force.
2. Screw Diameter from 34mm ~ 38mm.
3. Mold Size fitment : 355 x 355mm.
4. Available for all types of Plastic material.
5. Electricity Voltage can be adjusted according by different countries.

Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine SFU-110 Specification



Injection Molding Machine Order Process

  We accept product drawings or sample for quote evaluations. We think like a buyer, design like an operator. From inquiry to order confirm, we have already planed the most suitable solution.


Injection Molding Machine Shipping Process

  During shipping, package often was not carefully carried by the courier. SSB ship your product like a receiver. We have observed cost to provide a strong packing and make sure the delivery will be safe to your door.


SSB is 110 Ton Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine maker. We are professional 110 Ton Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine manufacturer in Taiwan. Supply custom Precision 110 Ton Energy Saving Injection Molding Machine.

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