Giving more than just Plastic injection mold making
Giving more than just Plastic injection mold making
European Photography Equipment brand request to develop plastic injection mold with SSB
A famous European Photography Equipment Company which have over 55 years old.
Their Product has good reputation in photography industry.
Well known photographers from Fashion Magazine or National Geographic are their customers.
Well known photographers from Fashion Magazine or National Geographic are their customers.
Therefore they have a very high standard in quality request for their parts either in plastic injection molding or other process to their end products.

The problem and pain in Plastic injection mold Development before working with SSB.

  • Plastic Injection mold development always has long lead time.
  • Plastic injection mold development often delayed the schedule due to unwell designed and request for modification.
  • Plastic injection mold maker can't support to forth seen the defect of our design which gives unstable quality in our production line.
For many years, this customer has been suffering in their project development because of the failure is always happened in Plastic injection mold development. They used to collaborate with European supplier and Chinese Supplier. However, both of them were not able to collaborate with them with good support.

Improvement after collaboration with SSB

Plastic Injection mold development Information was shared clearly and follow up had been easier.

The schedule had been easier to monitor because the schedule of plastic injection mold development was able to share detailed and truthful. Also there are some thoughtful service such as the color tryout during the plastic injection molding. said by Mr. Laurent - Development Dep.

 Plastic injection molding has stable quality and good support for our production line.
We are able to get a stable quality and good support in our production line. said by Mr. Valeriano - Purchasing Dep.
After working with SSB, our design work can be reviewed and suggested for better improvement in mass production. Instead of finding out the design failed after 5 months of plastic injection mold development, now we could forth seen the possible defect and corrected before processing. Surely has helped us saving time and waste of resources.
Product Design has better support to bring good parts and Product Launch had been speed up in marketing.

Before working with SSB, our new product development was only able to launch every 3-5 years.

After our collaboration, we are able to bring more product into the market within 2-3 years. said by Mr. Oliver - Marketing Dep.

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