[Serive] I want to setup a new industry of plastic items used in motorcycle. Please let me know all the details.



Start up customer usually have questions about how to set up and what machines and molds that they need to buy. As years of experience for supporting customers to start their business and production, usually we will also help them to evaluate themselves by asking these questions:


1. Who are your customers?

It is important to identify the product that you are going to make before starting to make the molds. Are your customers end user?

or Are your customers other company supplier?


2. Do you have original 3D design or you have actual samples?

Usually, if your customers are company cooperation, they will be able to provide you the 3D data. However, if you have the actual sample, then it would be ok for mold development also.


3. What is the production quantity requirement?

Start up customer needs to do actual market research or discuss with your potential customers to find out the production requirement which is not only for the investment study but also it will require the machine and mold capacity selection.


4. Do you have technical engineers or staff to maintain your machine and molds?

Plastic Injection molding required skilled technical engineers to ensure the smooth production. The staff that you have needs to have Plastic injection mold knowledge as well as Plastic injection molding experience.


5. With Automotive industry,

all the products that you need to make needs to identify whether it is an OEM project or it would be a After service market use? Would any regulation require? What is the material for the plastic?


All above questions if you have all the answers and samples or 3D data, then we could make quotation offer. Without above information, it would be difficult for any or the Plastic injection mold or Injection molding machine manufacturer to provide RFQ.

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